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Unlike most wedding & events planners, we do not charge a fee nor a percentage of the total cost. Instead, we rely upon commission from our suppliers with whom we have negotiated very special deals which enables us to pass on the discounts to you. Booking an all inclusive wedding package that includes lights, accommodation and any wedding extras means that you are gaining access to unpublished industry rates which combine to offer you the most well priced package.

You are also gaining the invaluable, expert knowledge and experience of an online specialist wedding event planner who will assist you with all aspects of arranging your wedding from the moment you contact us right up to the end of the event.

It is a myth, as indeed those booking directly with online low cost carriers have recently discovered, that booking your flight and hotel independently saves you money. It does not. Furthermore, booking directly exposes you to risk of airline failure and your money will be lost if the supplier decides to cease operation. Book with a reputable, ATOL bonded tour operator, and any risk is annulled as the Civil Aviation Authority will cover you for any losses incurred in the event of tour operator failure. The My Vacations Group of Travel & Hospitality Companies (Acetrip Limited t/as City Vacations) is fully ATOL & IATA bonded.


You can get hitched in Vegas in a matter of minutes but weddings in most other destinations involve a fair amount of paperwork. Before you get carried away with trying on that wedding dress or booking the wedding cake, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the red tape involved so that you can start getting the necessary documents together.

The simplest ceremonies to organize (with a few exceptions) are those in Gibraltar, Malta, Jersey, the Caribbean, Cape Town and Canada. Destinations such as France, Australia, Mexico or Thailand have a little more bureaucracy to face but if you get your documents together in good time, we can arrange weddings there for you.


1. Passport: check validity. For British nationals, a 10-year passport is necessary with at least 6 months’ validity after the date of return to the UK (for most long-haul weddings but check with us for exceptions to this rule).

2. Birth Certificate: the long version showing both parentsí name is usually required. If either party has lost their original birth certificate, they can arrange for them to be reissued at the General Register Office. They can be ordered online at , over thephone on 0300 123 1837 or by post. Certificates cost £9.25.

3. Certificate of Adoption: if lost, an adoption certificate can be ordered online at, over the phone on 0300 123 1837 or by post. Certificates cost £9.25.

4. Decree Absolute: If either party is divorced, they must obtain their decree absolute from their previous marriage(s), not the decree nisi, which is merely notification that the divorce is pending. For some destinations, previous marriage certificates are also required for each previous marriage.

5. Death Certificate: If either party is widowed, they must obtain their spouse’s death certificate and their previous marriage certificate. These can be re-issued by the General Register Office. For some destinations, a Certificate of No Impediment may also be required.

6. Certificate of No Impediment: Some destinations require this (such as Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Sri Lanka, Kenya & the Dominican Republic). This is required for single persons to prove their single status.

7. Proof of Name Change: This will be required if any party has changed their name by Deed Poll.

8.Baptism Certificate: Required for some chapel weddings.

9.Intent to Marry: Required in some destinations such as Australia. Must be endorsed by the Australian Embassy in London or by a notary. This should be arranged at least 6 weeks beforehand, as all documents need to be approved by the Registrar.

10. Legalised Documents: Certain destinations require all documents to be legalisd by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office – at a small fee. Postal applications normally take 10 to 15 days but there is a same-day service available at the FCO’s public counter. Documents may also have to be translated into English.

11. Advance Approval of Documentation: All required documents must be sent to us in good time (within 7-10 days of booking your wedding date) for prior approval by the relevant Marriage Clerk in your chosen destination.

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