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  Terms & Conditions  
Once you have chosen your holiday/wedding destination and we have made a provisional reservation, we will ask how you wish to pay. Once we are satisfied, we will confirm the holiday to you and from that point the contract between us comes into existence. Cancellation charges also come into effect at this stage should any member of your party wish to cancel. In parties of two or more persons, the person who makes the booking accepts the responsibility of making all payments to us for all members of the party and will receive the travel documents and other information on behalf of his/her party. You will be sent a confirmation invoice by post and/or fax and e-mail (except where bookings are made within 48 hours of departure and all details will be confirmed verbally and, where possible, by email and/or fax). Please check this invoice carefully. Whilst we make every effort to ensure accuracy, the onus is on you, the client, to ensure your invoice is correct. Any discrepancies, including spellings of passenger names, dates of departure, timings and hotel details must be brought to our attention immediately. If you do not notify us of any amendments prior to the issuance of travel documentation and later find that amendments are necessary in order for you to travel, you will be liable for all costs that arise as a result of having to amend or reissue the travel documents.

Full payment is required at time of booking. In some cases, a deposit payment may be sufficient to hold the seat, hotel, wedding date or other service (but not the price) and we shall notify you of the date by which the balance payment is due. If you do not pay on time we may cancel your booking without notice and you will have to pay the cancellation charges or you may be subject to paying supplier surcharges, which have occurred between the time when the balance payment should have been made and the time when payment is actually made.

Please note that scheduled airlines reserve the right to increase prices at any time and the price shown on the confirmation invoice can ONLY be guaranteed once full payment has been received and cleared by us. The payment of a deposit guarantees your place on the holiday but not the price. Our price guarantee cannot cover increases due to direct Government action eg the imposition of VAT, airline fuel surcharges or passenger levy tax.

Should any fluctuations in air, hotel, fuel or other component of your holiday occur between you paying the deposit and making the final balance – the onus will be on you to pay the difference in price. Please note that any such fluctuations will only occur should the airline/hotel or other supplier increase its prices.

All city breaks, package holidays, weddings & honeymoons bookings, hotel only, flights only, travel insurance, car hire, airport parking or any other services or products purchased through us are strictly NON REFUNDABLE and NON CHANGEABLE. This applies from the moment you agree for us to take payment from you.

Remember, if you cancel for a reason covered by your insurance policy you should process your claim through your insurer directly. Also remember, whilst we do not impose strict conditions on our clients as to purchasing insurance through our Company, we do strongly recommend that you purchase your own travel or travel and/or wedding insurance with suitable cover for your specific purposes.

Travel Arrangements :
It is unlikely that we shall have to a make any change to your holiday. Most changes are minor such as if we can no longer offer a facility or if we have to change your hotel accommodation to another of the same category, withdrawal of a swimming pool or other leisure facility, an alteration to a flight, train or sailing time of less than 12 hours or a change of routing or carrier.

If before your depart we have to make any major changes to your travel arrangements such as change of resort area, a change of departure or return airport, station or port (this does not apply to departure/return points within the same area), a change of accommodation if the new accommodation is of a lower category, it will only be because we are forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control. In such an event, we will inform you immediately and our objective will be to minimize your inconvenience. You will have a choice of accepting the changes, taking another available holiday of similar price or if it is of a higher value-you will have to pay the difference in price. If the alternative holiday is of a lower value-we shall refund you the difference. Should you wish to cancel altogether, you will be reimbursed all monies paid to us less any administration or other costs incurred by our company in booking each component of your holiday. Such costs will be calculated dependant upon the value of each individual holiday and will be communicated to you at the first possible instance. Please note that if a credit card fee or ticket on departure charge was levied at the time of payment, this fee will remain completely non-refundable. In such circumstances we are not liable and we shall not pay any resulting expenses or additional costs.

We accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage or alteration, delay or changes arising from unusual and unforeseeable, circumstances beyond our control such as war or threat of war, civil action, industrial dispute including air traffic control disputes, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellations of schedules by airlines. You can check the current position of any country by calling the Foreign and commonwealth Office's Travel Advice Unit on 0870 606 0290.

If we are required to make a change to the hotel accommodation booked for you before your departure date it will only be because we are forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control. We shall endeavor to find your alternative accommodation of a similar standard, if we fail to do so, we may offer you a lower price to reflect the lesser quality accommodation. If you decide to cancel your holiday altogether due to the lesser quality of the hotel, we shall refund you all monies paid less our administration and/or other costs as outlined under ‘Changes to your holiday by us – Travel Arrangements’. Please note that the hotel must be of such lesser quality in terms of star rating or facilities offered.

If upon arrival at your hotel, you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the accommodation, you must immediately notify the hotel manager, owner or someone else of managerial position of the reason for your dissatisfaction. They will then do their best to rectify the situation for you. If you are still unhappy, you must report the problem to our office in London by fax, telephone or email with 24 hours so that we can try to solve the problem. Any complaints must be made in writing within 7 days of your return to the UK. We shall not be responsible for complaints made to us more than 7 days after your arrival home. In addition we will not be liable for any expense incurred by you if you do not notify us whilst in resort of your complaint and thus not following the procedures set out above.

When you travel with a carrier, their conditions of carriage will apply. Also, under Air Navigation Orders children must be under 2 on the date of their return flight to qualify for infant fares and under 12 on the date of their return flight to qualify for child fares.

TRAVEL INSURANCE : We strongly recommended that you take out adequate insurance cover before you travel. If you choose to arrange your own insurance, your policy must provide the same or higher benefits than our scheme.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your passports are up to date and valid for travel to your chosen destination the same applies to visa requirements for any particular country. The onus is on you, the client, to ensure that you are holding correct documentation for valid entry into your chosen destination. We shall not be held responsible if you are refused entry to any particular country. Some countries require passports to be valid for a certain period after leaving that country. In ALL cases with regards to passports and visas we strongly urge you to contact the Consulate of the country(ies) you will be visiting to obtain the most up-to-date information before making your booking with us. We emphasize that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that all regulations are complied with.

Recommended vaccinations for travel may change at any time and you should consult your doctor on current vaccinations before you depart. Health requirements for your holiday destination are outlined in the Department of Health leaflet entitled ‘Health Advice for Traveller's' which is available by calling 0800 555 777, it is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain all recommended inoculations, take all recommended medication and follow all medical advice in relation to your trip.

If someone in authority such as the captain or pilot believes that you are not fit to travel, he/she may refuse to allow you onto the aircraft, train or ship. This will normally happen if they think that you are likely to disturb or harm other passengers. In this case, your contract with us will end immediately and we shall no longer be responsible for you. Additionally, if your behaviour is such that the hotelier feels unable to accommodate you, you may be asked to leave the hotel. In this instance, no refund for lost nights accommodation will be made and the cost of any other accommodation or travel expenses will be entirely your responsibility. We shall also hold members of your party jointly and individually liable for any damage to the property together with legal costs incurred in pursuing the claim. We cannot be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of other guests or individuals who have no connection with your holiday arrangements or with us.

Should you cause damage to hotel, airline or other property – you will be held responsible for the costs of replacement of the same. The hotelier, airline or other affected party may hold your passport as guarantee of payment and only release the passport once the payment has been received by them.

For all late bookings (made within 72 hours of departure) we may charge you a ticket on departure charge of £15 per person (minimum). However, if this charge can be avoided we shall send your documents to you by ‘special post', which is guaranteed for next day arrival. We will charge a minimum of £5.00 for this service. However, most bookings nowadays are electronically ticketed and therefore ticket on departure charges are avoided. If you insist upon a paper ticket, you will be charged a minimum of £15.00 per person.

For all other late bookings made outside of 72 hours of departure but with 14 days, we shall charge you special post fee of £5.00 (minimum) to ensure that your travel documents reach you safely. In the event that you dispute this charge, we shall post the documents to you by first class post, which is entirely at your own risk. We shall need this in writing from you. Should the documents not arrive before your departure date, you will be liable for all reissue charges that may arise. Please bear in mind that most airlines charge a 100% fee for reissue of airline tickets.

Though the vast majority of flights, trains and ships leave on time, delays do occasionally occur. These are completely beyond our control. Please refer to your own travel insurance cover regarding any applicable compensation.

Please inform us for any special requests such as ground floor rooms, double beds, wheelchair assistance or vegetarian meals when you confirm your holiday booking. These details will be shown on your confirmation itinerary. Although we shall endeavour to meet special requests this is dependant upon our suppliers and we cannot guarantee that your requirements will be met. We cannot accept responsibility for any booking that is conditional upon a special request being met which is not guaranteed by us prior to your departure.

All star ratings quoted by us are official classifications decided by the countries concerned. There is no international system of classification so star ratings are not comparable between countries. Indeed, standards may differ between hotels of the same classification in the same country. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a particular hotel for your own requirements, please contact us for advice.

No all listed facilities are free of charge. Facilities such as water sports, tennis courts, saunas, fitness centres, entertainment etc are under the control of the hotel management and are subject to availability and charged at the hotel's discretion. Please ask hotel reception for the applicable charges of facilities prior to use. Due to weather or hygiene factors, some listed facilities may not be available at the time of your visit. Please ask our Reservations Agents prior to booking the availability of certain facilities and for the latest known situation regarding charges.

Most hotel rooms have twin beds. Clients who request double beds should state this at time of booking. Single rooms are limited in number and may be less favorable in standard and position than other rooms in the hotel. We are happy to ask hoteliers to provide an extra bed (camp/sofa bed) for a third or fourth person sharing in a twin. Clients are advised that they may find floor space and drawer/cupboard space cramped under these circumstances.

Building works and noise are almost unavoidable in certain developing destinations and work may be taking place sometimes in or adjacent to your own accommodation. Unfortunately, such developments are not within our control not do we receive advance notice of when they will begin. We cannot accept liability for any inconvenience, discomfort or annoyance arising from such works, which are beyond our control. When we are aware of any building work that may reasonably be considered to adversely affect your enjoyment, we shall notify you as soon as possible. If necessary, we shall offer you the opportunity to transfer to an alternative hotel.

Your tickets will arrive with all the relevant documents you require for your holiday. PLEASE CHECK ALL YOUR FINAL DOCUMENTATION. It is possible that you may have slight detail changes, if timings have been changed by less than 1 hour we may not advise you prior to issuing tickets. It is important you check that all necessary documents are included and any omissions should be notified to us immediately. Please note that when a late booking has been arranged it may not be possible to issue clients with other travel documents. Instead, details may be given verbally, by email or by fax.

We are always happy to organize holidays for people with disabilities. We are not specialists for disabled holidays but are happy to give advice about the suitability of particular places and properties for disabled, aged or infirm clients or those with any special requirements. To help us ensure that the holiday is suitable for you, we ask that you give us in writing details of your disability and your specific requirements at the airport, flight and resort.

Your contract with us is based on these booking conditions, which are governed by English Law and English Courts. All bookings are accepted by Acetrip Limited subject to these conditions and there are also separate conditions, laws and regulations, which apply to the transport, accommodation and other parts of the holiday by which both you and ourselves are bound.
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